The Most Common Myths in Bodybuilding: Revealed

Common Myths and Mistakes in Bodybuilding

Getting into good shape isn’t as difficult as the fitness industry wants you to believe. You don’t need to spend lots of cash monthly on worthless supplements promoted by steroid freaks. We want muscle growths but most of us fall into the trap of the common myths in bodybuilding. You also don’t need to constantly alter your exercise routines to “confuse” your muscles. This summary will teach you the exact formula of exercise and eating that makes putting on 10-15 pounds of quality lean mass a breeze, and it only takes 8-12 weeks.

The 6 most common myths in bodybuilding people tend to believe

9 out of 10 guys you see in the gym don’t train correctly. They tend to follow programs they found in magazines, the internet, from trainers or friends. It’s either they make no gains or slowly make little gains. Most guys also worsen their training mistakes by eating incorrectly. They’re eating too much, eating too little, eating on a bad schedule, and not getting the right amounts and types of macronutrients. This way, they are making other various muscle-robbing mistakes. Here are the 6 most common myths and mistakes of building lean muscle:

  1. More sets equal more growth: too many sets can lead to overtraining, which not only robs you of muscle growth, but can cause you to lose muscle.
  2. Feel the burn to grow: muscle “burn” and pumps are not paramount in achieving muscle growth. When your muscles are burning, what you’re feeling is a buildup of lactic acid in the muscle. Lactic acid triggers what’s known as the “anabolic cascade,” which is a cocktail of growth-inducing hormones. Still, when lactic acid levels become too elevated, studies have shown that it impairs growth and causes tissues to be broken down.
  3. Wasting time with the wrong exercises: most of the workout machines and contraptions in your gym are worthless. This is because they just don’t stimulate the muscles like free weights do. Free weights are objects like dumbbells, barbells, adjustable pulleys, and lat pull-down setups that can be moved in three—dimensional space.
  4. Lifting like an idiot: most guys don’t know the proper form of exercise. This ignorance causes unnecessary wear and tear on, tendons, ligaments, and joints, stunts their gains, and opens the door to debilitating injuries.
  5. Lifting like a wussy: most guys like to train like weaklings. They don’t want to push themselves and exert too much effort, hence no change occurs in their body. They come in daily an exact duplicate of the last. Eventually, they quit out frustration and despair.
  6. Eating to get fat or stay small: eating less calories, protein, carbs, and fats throughout the day, affects your growth. It doesn’t matter how hard you lift.

The laws of muscle growth are as observable, certain, and irrefutable as those of physics

When you throw a thing in the air, it surely comes down. Also, when you take the correct actions inside and outside the gym, your muscles grow. It’s that simple, and these laws apply regardless of how much you might think your genetics are against you. When you continue to believe in common myths in bodybuilding, you’ll have a problem growing your muscles.

Muscles grow only if they’re forced to

By lifting weights you experience micro—tears known in the muscle fibers, which the body then repairs, adapting the muscles to handle better the stimulus that caused the damage. This process leads to muscle growth. For optimal muscle growth, you must train in such a way that causes optimal micro-tearing, alongside eating and resting well.

Muscles do not grow from fatigue or “pump”

A burning sensation in your muscles it’s not an indicator of an optimum workout. What triggers muscle growth is overload.

Muscles grow outside the gym

Most training programs have you train way too frequently. They believe that building muscle is a matter of lifting excessively. You need to know that they would get more of a good thing if they did less of the right thing. If you don’t eat correctly, your muscles won’t grow bigger or stronger

The 5 most common myths and mistakes of getting ripped

There are lots of myths flying around these days in regards to muscle building. The most common Myths in Bodybuilding are things that a lot of people actually believe. These errors have snuck into our heads through advertising, magazines, friends, trainers, etc. Let’s dispel them once and for all to prevent blockage on your path to having the great body that you desire. Ensure your body burns more energy than you’re feeding it if you want to lose fat.

  1. Counting calories is unnecessary: you have to regulate food intake to lose weight. In losing fat, don’t feed your body more energy. Instead, burn more energy. Eating too many calories has no incentive to burn fat.
  2. Doing cardio equals weight loss: daily overweight people exercise hard on cardio machines. But as weeks go by, they still look fatter than ever. They believe that aimlessly going through the motions on a machine will somehow flip a magical fat loss switch in the body. Well, that’s not how it works.
  3. Chasing the fads: many people jump from diet to diet, failing to get their desired results.
  4. Doing low weight and high reps gets you toned: this myth states that if you want that lean, toned look, you’ll need to do many reps with low weight. While there’s a never-ending debate about what rep ranges are best for hypertrophy (muscle growth), many studies agree that doing more than 15 reps causes little-to—no improvements in muscle strength or size due to insufficient overload.
  5. Spot reduction: exercises don’t reduce fat in any particular area of your body, proper eating is the secret.
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