I Am Forever Yours • written by Randy Batiquin

I am Forever Yours

My heart will always bear your name
no matter where i go,
and years will pass be me by yet still
this love will always grow.

Along with every breath i make
i wish for your embrace,
or just to gently place my hands
on your angelic face.

Right from the very day we met
i knew inside you’ll be,
the girl who will complete my life
and love no one but me.

Your gentle touch, your sweet caress
your most endearing eyes,
are all that fills my soul with bliss
that goes beyond the skies.

More than the time i shall exist
my songs for you will play,
until the stars all cease to burn
my love for you will stay.

And little drops of rain that kiss
the earth may fall no more,
but until then i’ll treasure you
and tenderly adore.

Great as the kings of legends told
my words will never break,
and soon before your eyes unfold
a vow that i will make.

Dreams don’t come true, or so i thought
but then you proved me wrong,
for i have always dreamed of you
and then you came along.

And so my sweetheart, look at me
and let me hold your hands,
i swear to love you all my life
until forever ends.

Let’s take this journey far across
where ocean meets the sky,
i’ll hold you close, i wont let go
i’ll never say goodbye.

Even the most of trials come
i’ll stand and make it through,
and tell the world they can not take
away my love for you.

Now and for always you will be
the princess of my life,
you are the greatest gift i had
my ever dearest wife.

Analytical Review of the Poem “I Am Forever Yours” by Randy Batiquin

This poem beautifully captures the depth of love and devotion that the speaker has for their significant other. The imagery and emotions that are expressed throughout the poem create a heartfelt and intimate atmosphere.

The poem begins with a declaration of everlasting love, stating that no matter where the speaker goes, their heart will always carry the name of their loved one. The passage of time is acknowledged, but it is emphasized that this love will continue to grow.

The longing for physical connection is expressed in the desire for an embrace and the gentle touch of their partner’s face. These moments are described as filling the speaker’s soul with a bliss that transcends the skies.

The speaker also recognizes the permanence of their love. They vow to continue playing songs for their loved one, even until the stars cease to burn. This metaphor reinforces the idea that their love is eternal and will endure any challenge or obstacle.

The poet beautifully uses the imagery of raindrops kissing the earth to illustrate their commitment to treasure and adore their loved one until the end. This image evokes a sense of tenderness and care.

The words in the poem are described as unbreakable, reinforcing the speaker’s unwavering devotion. They express the belief that dreams can come true, especially since their dream of finding their significant other was fulfilled when they came into their life.

In a heartfelt and emotional moment, the speaker makes a vow to their loved one, promising to love them for the rest of their life until forever ends. This sentiment showcases the depth of their commitment and their desire for a lifelong partnership.

The poem ends with a poetic image of embarking on a journey across the ocean, holding their loved one close and refusing to say goodbye. The speaker acknowledges that trials may come, but they will stand firm and declare that their love cannot be taken away.

In a final declaration, the speaker addresses their loved one as the princess of their life, their greatest gift, and their ever dearest wife. This ending cements the deep love and admiration the speaker has for their partner.

Overall, this poem is a heartfelt and lyrical expression of love and devotion. The use of vivid imagery and emotional language creates a powerful and moving tribute to the beloved.

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