Someday, Love.. written by Randy Batiquin

Someday Love by Randy Batiquin

Someday I’ll be holding your hand
An afternoon stroll by the sea
And there baby you’ll understand
Just how you mean so much to me

You’ll be there beside me so close
and wrapped in my gentle embrace
A love that will burn through the night
And cherished in so many ways

The kind that can weather a storm
no matter how hard it may rain
A heart that’ll never let go
a love that will always remain

As pure as the clouds from above
and sweet as the flowers that bloom
you’ll be the most beautiful bride
and I’ll be the luckiest groom

Someday I’ll be holding your hand
as we watch the children grow up
I’ll make me a coffee or two
you’d tell me we’ll share in a cup

I’ll look at your eyes as you smile
you’ll give me your most tender kiss
I’ll let you experience the love
you’ll let me experience the bliss

Someday I’ll be holding your hand
and think of the beautiful years
we’ll laugh at our silly mistakes
look back at the joys and the tears

And there I will ask you again
how come you’re still holding my hand
you’ll simply indulge me a kiss
the kind only I understand

And that’s why I love you so much
you’re all what I want here with me
in life where I needed a home
you’re all where I wanted to be..

I was born of a different breed, the crazy kind who embraces the idea that humans are limitless; the minority who loves to question the standards; the ones who dream the impossible.