Don’t Just Aspire To Make A Living

Don't Just Aspire To Make A Living

Don’t just aspire to make a living; Aspire to make a difference.

– Denzel Washington

I just thought I’ll put this here. These are very powerful words – one that struck me straight the second I heard it from a Youtube video. Do not just aspire to make a living. In other words, don’t be contented with just working and doing your day job and getting by. Try something even bigger. Something that will make a difference on somebody else’s lives.

Whatever your job is, make it your principle to always go an “extra mile”. Make the customer happy, treat your clients like a king. At home, aspire to be an inspiration for your kids, or your partner. Be a star in your workplace. Be an example for everyone to follow. Don’t be just another ant in a colony. Be someone who carves a new path and leaves a legacy.

I was born of a different breed, the crazy kind who embraces the idea that humans are limitless; the minority who loves to question the standards; the ones who dream the impossible.