I Can’t Breathe While Watching This

I Can't Breathe While Watching This

Back in days when I was playing songs on the Radio, I had always been fascinated with Kyla.

For some reason, her songs have a calming effect on my soul. Her soft voice and how it sounds like a whisper always feels like a soothing gentle massage. You may not know it but I once held a 9pm – 12midnight program at 97.1 Campus Radio DXMJ and back in the early 2000’s when smartphones and facebook are not a thing yet, a lot of people turn to the radio for their evening entertainment.

Every night I would shuffle through mushy ballads, Whitney Houston classics, Phil Collins, Regine Velasquez – you get the idea. And some of the nights I would insert Kyla in my playlist. Then I would say something beautiful (on-air) to my crush, Kyla. She’s just so pretty and delicate.

She’s one of the reason I love watching Tawag ng Tanghalan. I really like the way she speaks. It makes me want to just go and hug her.

Why I said I can’t breathe while watching.

So, let’s talk about my reaction while watching her latest music video on the Wish Bus. This is actually my first time to listen to this song. But before that, let me take you to my imaginary world. A world where Kyla is my girlfriend, and we’d been dating for several years.

We were in love and everything was fantastic, but for some reason I was a douche and took her for granted. I did something to really hurt her. I still love her so much but didn’t make an effort to show that.

And finally, we broke up because I thought someone else was better. One day she wrote this song. And this song is for me. Watch the video and listen close to what she has to say (to me) Let me know if you too, can’t breathe..

Now let me tell you what I feel right now. Kyla, if you are reading this, I don’t know how or where to begin telling you how much I am broken by your words. Now that I know how you feel, now I realize how much I regret ever leaving you. I understand that nothing I will say would convince you to forgive me.

But if it’s enough to let you know my world has fallen apart, my heart crumbled to pieces after hearing you say that you still love me – albeit that love is slowly dying. God knows I will do everything right now just to make you feel better. If that means correcting what I did and leaving everything I have just to be with you again.

Please, listen to me. Look at me now. I know I did you wrong. I admit I wasn’t the man you deserve. But please can you give our love one more chance?

I will do everything to make you happy, to let you feel the kind of love you so well deserve. Just don’t leave. Stay with me, please? It’s so hard to breathe seeing you feel that way. I don’t want us to end. I’m sorry I hurt you.

Mahal pa rin kita, pero konti na lang
darating ang araw mauubos din ang pagmamahal

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s snap back to reality.

Seriously, while I was listening to this song, I literally can’t breathe.. or had a hard time breathing. Kyla just puts so much emotion to this song that you can’t help but be thrown into the story of its lyrics.

There’s something inside me that wants to just go ang hug her to make her feel better. Well done Kyla! You got me here. You’re performance is superb! I think if I am to answer you with another song. “Nanghihinayang” by Jeremiah would be the perfect reply. I love you Kyla. My heart still beats for Morisette, but I’d willingly give her up if you one day tell me you really wrote this song for us.

Haha! Here we go again! Delusions of a man.

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