Amnesia… written by Randy Batiquin

Amnesia by Randy Batiquin

Baby look at me please, just a little bit longer
I wont sleep ’til I know you are fine
Listen close to my voice and I pray you remember
let me carry you back to the time

The day we first met, how we thought it was perfect
when the band played an endearing tune
over coffee and pastries, how we stared at each other
in that one rainy sweet afternoon

Do you remember that time when I first held your hands
how you sat close and you leaned on me
Do you remember our first kiss, how you closed your eyes
when I touched your face so tenderly

Do you remember the night when we lit up the fire
how we shared our passion in bare
then you rested so safe in my loving embrace
love took over and conquered the air

Do you remember the time when it’s just you and me
and the world was a thousand steps high
How it felt like a moment, but then seemed like forever
as we painted our dreams in the sky

When the doctors came in saying you can’t recover
my heart shattered in terrible grief
As I look at you now staring blank on a wall
I am filled with intense disbelief

Now if you can’t remember everything that I said
if you don’t even know what’s my name
Let me just take you home please I’m trying my best
to stay strong and composed all the same

Everyday now for several months there were no signs
that your mem’ries will ever return
But I wouldn’t give up on the promise I made
that my love will continuously burn

Until one day I woke up and saw you were humming
a familiar song I wrote before
Then you smiled at me whisp’ring my name in my ear
as my tears slowly started to pour

Then you asked why I’m crying as I stared back at you
my heart’s racing I couldn’t contain
and my tears they keep falling but this time they were there
to erase all my sadness and pain

It’s okay now if you can’t recall everything back
just as long as you’re safe in my care
We will make them again, all the beautiful past
you and me and the love that we share

So tonight I will light up a candle with you
while you look at me holding your hand
Every moment I get, every second my love
I will always be there ’til the end.

“Amnesia” by Randy Batiquin is a deeply moving and poignant exploration of the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of memory loss. The poem delves into the depths of emotion and showcases the unwavering commitment of the speaker to their loved one, despite the challenges posed by amnesia.

The opening lines immediately establish the emotional tone of the poem, with the plea for the loved one to look at the speaker a little longer, emphasizing the speaker’s desperation and concern for their well-being. This sets the stage for the intense emotional journey that unfolds throughout the poem.

The use of vivid imagery and sensory details throughout the poem adds depth and beauty to the narrative. The memories of the couple’s past are described with tender and evocative language. The mention of a rainy afternoon and shared moments of intimacy, such as the first touch and first kiss, create a sense of nostalgia and longing.

The poem beautifully depicts the devastating impact of amnesia on the loved one’s memory and the speaker’s heartbreak. The line, “When the doctors came in saying you can’t recover, my heart shattered in terrible grief,” expresses the profound sadness and disbelief experienced by the speaker upon hearing the diagnosis.

Despite the challenges, the speaker’s enduring love and dedication shine through. The promise to carry their loved one back to the time of their shared memories symbolizes the speaker’s commitment to preserving their connection, even in the absence of recollection.

The poem takes a hopeful turn when the loved one begins to hum a familiar song written by the speaker. This moment signifies a glimmer of hope and the possibility of the memories resurfacing. The lines that follow depict the overwhelming emotions experienced by the speaker as their tears fall, symbolizing the release of pent-up sadness and pain.

The final stanza of the poem encapsulates the unwavering commitment and love of the speaker. The repetition of the phrase, “I will always be there ’til the end,” reinforces the speaker’s resolve to support and care for their loved one, regardless of the memory loss.

“Amnesia” is a heartfelt and emotionally charged poem that tackles the universal themes of love, loss, and resilience. Through its vivid imagery, tender language, and profound emotions, the poem invites readers to contemplate the power of love in transcending the challenges posed by memory loss and the strength that can be found in the unwavering commitment to a loved one.

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