Make Me Feel Okay - written by Randy Batiquin

Make Me Feel Okay – written by Randy Batiquin

Keep me close with you tonight
let me touch your face
hold me ’til the morning light
drenched in your embrace..

Ever since I laid my eyes
on your pretty smile
I have always dreamed of us
walking down the isle..

I have started dreaming of
a lifetime spent with you
growing old together still
in love with hearts so true..

Now I wake and realize
fantasy – it ends
still I smile and hope someday
we can start as friends..

And again I’m all alone
wishing that someday
I’ll wake up, you are there
to make me feel okay..

I was born of a different breed, the crazy kind who embraces the idea that humans are limitless; the minority who loves to question the standards; the ones who dream the impossible.

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