Colours of Romance • written by Randy Batiquin

Colours of Romance

Calm the winds as angels sing
lovers’ tune and flowers bring
little buds caressed by dew
sending pretty thoughts of you.

Hearts entwined with heav’nly bliss
spell the most romantic kiss
yearning for the sweetest place
nowhere less in your embrace.

Ringing bells of autumn air
whispers of my love and care
set the mood, begin the dance
paint the colours of romance.

Inside out, your beauty shows
inside me, this feeling grows
’tis your hair, your voice, your smiles,
’tis your most angelic eyes.

Sparkling stars will soon reveal
shifting breeze that ever will
hold the sentimental light
let the love consume the night.

Nevermore will dreams expire
keep it burning, guard the fire
hold my hand and don’t let go
feel my heart and you will know.

Amber-hued the sunset sails
leaving dust of loving trails
chanting words that say I do
princess, I’m in love with you..

I was born of a different breed, the crazy kind who embraces the idea that humans are limitless; the minority who loves to question the standards; the ones who dream the impossible.