My Love Will Be There • written by Randy Batiquin

My Love Will Be There by Randy Batiquin

My love will find you
in the cold of night
my love will keep you
warm and hold you tight

It will be there
though you’re miles away from me
it will be there to hold
you endlessly..

My love will stay with you
and never say goodbye
my love will wipe
all the lonely tears you cry

it’ll comfort you
when you’re down and all alone
it will be there
my love …to bring you home

My love will make you
smile when things go wrong
my love will ease
all your sadness with a song

It will be there
to watch you while you sleep
it will be there, my love…
for you to keep

I was born of a different breed, the crazy kind who embraces the idea that humans are limitless; the minority who loves to question the standards; the ones who dream the impossible.