If You’re Gone • original Song by Randy Batiquin

If You are Gone by Randy Batiquin

Baby, I know you’re leavin’
I know I’ll be alone again
I know my heart would feel the pain

I’m thinking about you
I’m thinking about the love we shared
I’m thinking about how much you cared
I’m thinking but now I am afraid…

Coz if you’re gone
who’ll be there to kiss me sweet goodnight
who’ll be there to sing me songs
who will be there to hold me tight
And if you’re gone
who’ll be there to love me like you do
who will be there to share my dreams
baby, I know it’s only you
And if you’re gone
I will miss you so
but if you’ll ask me again
I would never want to let you go.

Baby, please hold me closer
promise me love that lasts forever
tell me that soon we’ll be together

You see me crying
begging you now I’m on my knees
trying to stop you baby, please
how do I live without your kiss…

(repeat chorus twice)

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